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By David Flanagan

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Issue #6 - ByeBye (for now)

Today is my last day at Equinix Metal and the start of some time off as we approach the due date of our second child.I'm both scared and excited, but mostly excited.If you're at Gophercon UK at the end of October, make sure you come say hello and let's have a…


Rawkode Academy - Issue #5

Sigh. #Klustered was yesterday ... and I was destroyed by an alias.Enjoy. Try not to laugh too hard. Good work, Carlos!


Rawkode Academy - Issue #4

As we approach the end of August, I'm preparing my final bookings for streams in September ... and that's all. There will be NO content in October 😱Why?I'm taking October off, on paternity leave, to spend time with my soon to be born son.Colour me 3 parts exc…


Rawkode Academy - Issue #3

Project sigstoresigstore is such a cool project that is tackling a huge problem: supply chain security. This stream is a must watch. Dan guides us through signing container images. Enjoy!


I'll Get You Next Time, SIG Honk

Another week, another newsletter. Thank you for signing up over the last couple of weeks; I hope you find these short but sweet newsletters full of interesting links to peruse over your weekend coffees.Have a wonderful weekend, I'll see you all next week!


Becoming Human

The very first issue. Isn't this exciting? Here are my favourite #CloudNative, #Kubernetes, #EquinixMetal, and #RawkodeLive links this week.