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By David Flanagan

ByeBye, CNCF. Hello, KubeHuddle.



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David Flanagan
David Flanagan
So … it turns out I’m now organising a Kubernetes conference in Scotland.
This whole thing has happened due to some rather poor decisions by the CNCF lately that a lot of us find very uncomfortable with. So much so, I stepped down as an ambassador for the organization.
Have they apologised to Kat? No.
Have they shown any remorse for putting peoples health at risk? No.
Is it good enough? Fuck no.
This doesn’t mean I won’t continue to produce content and educational material for the community, just that I can’t represent a brand that I no longer trust to do the right thing.
So, @KubeHuddle is now a thing. Will we see you in Scotland in October?

Top Picks
Community Klustered is always TOUGH. This episode is over 2 hours long and there was A LOT to debug.
From replacing the login shells on the machines to remapping keys in bash and vim … this was the hardest cluster we’ve ever had to debug.
Thank you to Kevin and Russell for being involved in this episode ❤️
Rawkode & The Null Channel Vs. The Community | Klustered
Rawkode & The Null Channel Vs. The Community | Klustered
This is also one of my favourite episodes of Team Klustered too, featuring teams from Adobe and Zapier. Both teams came prepared, both teams had great breaks, and it was just a pleasure to watch them work through their clusters.
Bravo, Adobe and Zapier.
Adobe & Zapier | Klustered
Adobe & Zapier | Klustered
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David Flanagan
David Flanagan @rawkode

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